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Cheers to your good health! I'm committed to providing you with top-quality services, whether it's a one-on-one private consultation, a corporate workshop, a church-group presentation, one of my delightful gift baskets or getting fit via my downtown walking club.

Here is what I can offer you:

Nutrition Counselling:

You'll receive an initial 60-minute private consultation with me. We'll talk about your current lifestyle, including your eating and physical activity habits, as well as any other factors in your life that may be impacting your overall health. We'll look at the nutrients you're consuming daily to determine if you're getting enough of the carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals you need. We'll discuss ways you can reach your goals of optimum health. Of course, there will be follow-up consultations, 30 minutes in length. And, I'll check in with you informally from time to time to keep you motivated! We're not going to rush anything, because real change takes time! But, I'll be with you every step of the way. You can count on that!

As well, you can sign up for a group grocery tour at a supermarket or at a natural foods store. Plus, I carry several excellent healthy lifestyle resources, including books and magazines.

Please note that many medical insurance plans and Employee Assistance Program providers will reimburse you for nutrition counseling fees. Ask at your workplace for further information.

Fee Structure:   Discussed with you confidentially.

Corporate Wellness Programs:

I can tailor an employee wellness program for your workplace that empowers your staff to make healthy lifestyle choices for themselves and their families. Implementing such a program has been shown to reduce the annual amount your company loses in productivity via sick/absent employees, thereby increasing organizational effectiveness! As well, your company profits from having a healthier and more satisfied workforce! It's a win-win scenario.

Fee Structure:   Discussed with your organization confidentially.

Baskets of Gifts:

If you're looking for an inspiring, healthy-living kind of gift, I'll put together a one-of-a-kind, environmentally friendly, sumptuous, gift basket filled with healthy-lifestyle products and/or foods. Just let me know what kind of theme you'd like, and I'll get it done beautifully for you!

Fee Structure:   $20 Base Fee plus the amount you wish to spend on the gift.

Speaking Engagements:

I am available for a range of diverse speaking engagements. For example, here is a small sampling of my work over the past years:

  • "Live Healthy" Nutrition for Life Series, a five-evening series of health presentations in the Jane-Finch community in June, 2009

  • "Feed Your Brain!" presentation in Ottawa in May, 2009

  • "NEWSTART" healthy lifestyle presentation at Conyers Dill & Pearman law firm in Bermuda in February, 2009

  • "Eat These!" presentation at a local Toronto church in August 2008

  • "Reversing Diabetes with Diet and Exercise" presentation at a community outreach program on September 4, 2007

  • Recurrent role presenting short "Live Healthy" segments on the national television program "It Is Written" since 2007

  • "Vegetarian 101: Moving towards a heart healthy diet", a three-part series of health presentations during March 2007

  • Interviewed about vegetarian nutrition on the CKLN radio program "Word of Mouth" on March 1, 2007

  • Coordinator and facilitator for the 16-evening "Coronary Health Improvement Project" healthy lifestyle program at Willowdale SDA Church - April 16-May 13, 2007

  • "What's Eating You?" presentation at the 2006 Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair on September 8 and 10, 2006

  • "Just Veg'n" presentation for a nutrition class at Thornhill Secondary School - May 2006

  • Guest chef and facilitator for a "Vegetarian Cooking Class" at HarbourFront Community Kitchen - May 2004

  • "The ABC's of Childhood Nutrition" presentation at the Diabetes Fair at Wasauksing First Nations Reserve, Parry Sound - June 2004

  • "Going With the Grain" lunch-time presentation at Hudson Bay Company - March 2004

  • "A Weekend of Health" at the Nepean SDA Church: Guest speaker for the Saturday morning church service; then facilitated a Saturday afternoon health workshop; then facilitated a Sunday morning health walk and hands-on breakfast cooking class - December 2003

  • Numerous workshops/speaking engagements over the past six years throughout Ontario

    Fee Structure:   Discussed with your organization confidentially.

  • If you are interested in any of these services, you can contact me at:

    Email:   ::   Phone:  (416) 203-0451

    J. Beverley Edwards-Miller, BASc, Registered Dietitian

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