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Welcome to bevHEALTH & Wellness!

Cheers to great health! You've come to the right place to learn about choosing a healthy lifestyle. At   bevHEALTH & Wellness  I'm committed to sharing with you about the benefits, blessings and joys of abundant, vibrant, healthy living.

Here you'll find information about living, cooking, eating, reading, relaxing, playing and even shopping healthy. Take some time to visit the various pages on this site. On the   Services   page, you'll notice I offer the following nutrition-related services:

  • nutrition counseling

  • corporate wellness programs

  • speaker for health events, schools, businesses, community programs, and places of worship

  • Then, if you'd like to start your journey towards optimum health with me as your nutrition coach, visit the   Contact Bev   page to book your appointment and experience my brand of a comprehensive health consultation and subsequent follow-up services.

    Be sure to visit   often to find out about the latest in good health. Cheers!

    J. Beverley Edwards-Miller, BASc, Registered Dietitian

    Beverley Edwards-Miller

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